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apakah anda benar-benar pria sejati yang mampu bertahan lama untuk bercinta???

Ejakulasi dini merupakan masalah yang sangat serius bagi pria yang dewasa terlebih-lebih bagi anda yang yang akan segera menikah atau sudah menikah.

Apakah anda bisa bayangkan kekecewaan yang dialami oleh pasangan anda bila dia mengetahui anda mengidap penyakit ejakulasi dini dan tidak bisa mencapai orgasme secara bersama-sama?

Anda juga tidak bisa merasakan kepuasan karena sperma anda keluar terlalu cepat dan tiba-tiba anda terkulai lemas.

Anda jangan sepele dengan masalah ini karena ini adalah masalah serius dan menyangkut kebahagiaan anda kelak.

Ada beberapa faktor yang menyebabkan seseorang mengalami ejakulasi dini, yakni:

1. Kebiasaan mengeluarkan sperma terlalu cepat saat melakukan onani.

2. Emosi yang tidak terkendali

3. Masalah kesehatan.

Faktor yang paling berpengaruh adalah kebiasaan melakukan onani dan memaksakan sperma keluar dengan cepat. Setiap pria dewasa pasti pernah melakukan onani bahkan survey membuktikan bahwa 25% pria melakukan onani1-2 kali sehari. Nah untuk mengatasi dan menyembuhkannya, anda harus melakukan terapi secara alami dan anda bisa melakukannya sendiri.

Terapi yang anda lakukan tidak begitu sulit dan juga tidak membutuhkan biaya. Anda tidak perlu mengkonsumsi obat-obatan yang bisa mengakibatkan efek samping . Terapi yang anda lakukan adalah multifungsi dimana anda berhasil mengatasi ejakulasi dini anda dan sekaligus menambah ukuran penis anda secara alami.

Kami segera mengirimkan ke email anda dan anda bisa mempelajarinya sendiri, setelah anda mengisi data berikut dan mengrimkannya ke

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Segera kirimkan data anda!!!

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Women and Orgasms by Sandra Prior

The Assisted Orgasm

When you orgasm using a vibrator, physiologically, the same things are happening; your clitoris is stimulated until the muscles of your vagina contract in a pleasurable way. Vibrators are designed to stimulate your body and bring you to climax.

For some women, this might feel less intense because it requires less work. For others, it might feel more explosive because the vibrator sends pleasure giving motion exactly where it's needed. You also have the control, whether you're going solo or with a man.

Some women find that a powerful vibrator means you don't even have to fantasize or give yourself foreplay. A serious machine will have you over the moon before you even take it out the box.

The Rocking Orgasm

Sometimes, penetration isn't possible for a number of reasons, such as mutual soreness, his unpredictable equipment or your period. Intercourse isn't an orgasm guarantee; all you need is clitoral stimulation. Simply wrapping your thighs fully around his thigh can give you a surprising amount of pleasure.

Grind against his body so that your vulva and clitoris are in contact with him. The sensation is new and different because this position takes advantage of a little known fact; the bit that you identify as the clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg, poking out the front of your vagina; the rest is just under the skin of the labia, extending along each side in a wishbone shape and into your body.

When you smash your entire apparatus against him, you're reaching all of this pleasure giving equipment - a bit removed, as it's under the skin, but still quite amazing. It's perfect for times when he comes first but you're still pumping. Plus, he'll be so turned on by watching you move that he's likely to be ready to go again when you're done.

The Fast and Furious Orgasm

When you're overcome with must-have-you lust and grab your man for ravenous sex, you tend to have a fast and furious orgasm. You don't have to work for it because you're already revved up. This one is fun because you seldom put on the brakes. Lust overtakes any performance issues.

But is it possible to cultivate a must-have-you moment? Yes! You have to feed the sexual stream between you and your man all day long. A naughty text or a suggestion in the morning that something sexy will happen later creates anticipation. If you think he's up for a quickie but your own performance is slow to get going, just keep yourself hot ahead of time in whatever way works for you. Set aside some time before you see him to daydream, read something erotic or just rev your own engine before he arrives. For fast and furious orgasms, readiness is all.

The Full Body Orgasm

Imagine feeling ecstasy not just in your pants but throughout your entire body. Take a moment to be aware of different parts of your body. Try imagining the shimmery feeling of energy as far away from your genitals as possible and filling your body with pleasure.

To get to this magical place, you need to banish self-consciousness and criticism - the enemies of pleasure - from your mind. Try to appreciate all the amazing things your body does and celebrate the way it looks. Experiment with taking a deep breath during orgasm. Really focus on expanding that feeling throughout your body. Visualize the pleasure as an oval shape that pushes up from your genitals into a larger area of your body. At first, you may just feel extra ecstasy radiating to your belly. But over time you can extend that pleasure (through breathing and visualization) to the tips of your fingers and toes.

The Wellness Orgasm

Much research has been done on the link between sexual stimulation and pain reduction. Simply put, if you can manage to get turned on when you're in pain, the resulting relaxation of muscles and the influx of oxytocin will lessen your aches. As you become more aroused, your pain threshold increases dramatically. That's why you might find a post-coital bite mark that you don't remember getting. Orgasm is good medicine, especially for pain like menstrual cramps.

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Penis Enlargement Devices - Method That Work by Brad Jenkins

It is believed that tall and stout men have bigger penis than average. But in reality whatever complexion you may have, you can still have a penis to be proud of. Have you seen the "Goldmember" with Austin Powers, where they called Mini Me a "tripod" due to his extraordinarily large penis?

Fiction or not, man of any shape and size can gain a penis which is longer in length and thicker in width by using penis enlargement devices. You will not have to blame heredity for your complete lack of self-confidence due to your penis size. The penis enlargement market is full of stretchers and extenders that can improve the condition of your manhood.

The science behind these penis enlargement devices consist of enlarging your corpora cavernosa (set of chambers in the penis), so that it can hold more blood, hence making your penis bigger, wider, and harder during erections. Some enlargement device also promotes good passage of blood in the penis so it can fill the corpora cavernosa.

Penis enlargement devices can differ by brands, but they all have the basic composition. That device is made up of two calibrated bars that you should allocate along your penis, as well as the flexible silicone band holding your penis head. A traction principle brought by the device leads to penis growth both in girth and length.

Ideally, the device should be attached to the penis for eight to ten hours a day, but it varies, depending on the product-specific guidelines. Most devices are light-weight, and unnoticeable when worn under clothes plus it is.

One of the top-rated penis-extending devices is FastSize. The device provides traction so effective that it breaks down the cells inside the penis to increase tissue mass. FastSize extenders have been rated as the leading penis enlargement device by most users. It is proven to cure "performance anxiety" because of its fast and fool-proof results.

I found a testimonial by one FastSize user where he told that his penis grew by 50% in just a couple of months. The penis stays bigger, but only after erections but in a flaccid state also.

Another great penis enlargement device for permanent penis growth is the X4 Labs extender. The official X4 Labs website offers special calculator where you can calculate the expected growth of your penis depending on how many months are you using X4 penis extender.

Say, you set your current penis size (let's take 5 inches) and how many months are you planning to use X4 penis enlargement device (4 months for example). The calculator will show you the 1.5 inches increase, based on the actual penis growth rates with X4 penis extender.

X4 penis extender guarantees that you achieve desirable penis growth within 6 months of using the device. The approval rate is one of the highest in the industry - 99% of successful use, according to the actual feedback from X4 Labs customers.

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Brad Jenkins is a successful user of Size Genetics penis extender. His site offers in-depth reviews of top penis enlargement products that helped many men achieve the dream of bigger penis. Discover how men use penis enlargement devices to achieve permanent penis growth results.

Online Sex Games by Justin Foss

They can also come in the form of variation of conventional online games such as card games with a sexual twist. There are multiplayer games or games that can be played with a computer generated character. It can be in a controlled setting with a theme or a very open-ended type game. There is something for everyone as games are made for persons of various sexual orientations, even bisexuals. No matter the type of game, there is fun to be had by adults using online sex games.

Online sex games are available with varied levels of interaction. They can be as as you want or can be require very little input from the player, consisting more of video-type content. Virtual characters can be personalized and selecting what they look like and wear, the types of activities they engage in, what they say or the situations they find themselves in. Online sex games can also involve actual interaction with real persons versus playing against the computer. This can involves typed interaction or actual spoken and visual interaction using microphones and webcams. It is the new way to meet and date persons while attaining the optional, additional benefits. Men can enjoy instantaneous sex if they want and women can take it slower if thats what they wish to do, vice versa.

Some games allow you to access and update your virtual avatar in the online adult game on a continuous basis. Online adult games can be testing grounds for the real world. Although online adult games in no way replace other social mediums persons may use these interactions to build confidence or to compensate for temporary periods of loneliness. Characters in the realm of online gaming can project a stable environment in which gamers can feel safe, satisfied and in control. The realm of online sex games is so varied that there is something to suit every type of individual or need. The number of games and features keeps growing to satisfy the wishes of gamers worldwide.

Playing an online sex game does not indicate that one is sex deprived or a sex freak. Rather, in many cases it is simply used to spice up or complement an active sex life. These games can be used as a facilitator for cybersex among couples in a long distance relationship, for example. It can also be used as a medium through which fantasies that they are too shy to enact in real life can be acted out via the internet. It can be a couple's activity used to bring the two together in an intimate way. On the other hand, it can also be an anonymous and discreet way for persons to interact sexually with strangers, or new acquaintances. Online sex games are made for adults to enjoy with each other can are very different from childish games. The aim is for the participants to have fun in an adult way, responsible but exciting way.

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If you like playing online adult games than you can check online sex games. The author is a game designer by profession and maintains Digamout - 3d sex games and few other similar web portals. In his free time, he likes to go for outing and skating.

Five Ways To Increase Your Libido And Enjoy More Sex by Tristan Bailey

If you are worried that you are losing your sex drive and are having intercourse less often you may be able to do something about it and change your current situation. With the pressures of modern day life, its no wonder that so many couples lose the affection they once had for each other and feel they no longer need to have sex that often.

An active and healthy sex life can have both physical and emotional benefits which have a major impact on your overall well being and self satisfaction. But when you take each other's presence for granted, the love and affection in your relationship quickly disappears and so does your sex life. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can boost your libido and start enjoying more sex with your partner.

Here are a few ways to increase your sex drive:

1. Be more affectionate. Having more physical contact with your partner will help to increase the desire you have for each another. Simply touching, caressing, and kissing your partner more often will help to improve your sex drive.

2. Take care of yourself. If you take care of your own body you will feel much better about yourself and your partner will be more attracted to you. Exercising on a regular basis is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy.

3. Change your medication. Certain medications that are used to treat problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease can cause erectile dysfunction and diminished sex drive. This can be avoided by changing the brand, dose, or timing of your medication.

4. Stop smoking tobacco. Smoking slows down your blood flow and causes fat deposits which can narrow and block the blood vessels in your penis. If not enough blood can enter the penis it will be hard to achieve a satisfactory erection.

5. Have regular sex. Having sex on a regular basis increases the production of testosterone which is the hormone that is mainly responsible for libido in both men and women. The more sex you have, the higher your sex drive will be.

In many cases, a few simple changes can have a major impact on your current sex life with your partner and you can start to enjoy having intercourse on a regular basis again. Its important never to take your partner for granted and you should always be affectionate whenever possible. This will result in more intimacy and love for one another as well as more sex.

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Not long after HIV / AIDS first raised its ugly head in gay communities, threatening to cruelly decimate them, we discovered a way of protecting ourselves from it. Originally called safe sex, it was soon renamed as safer sex because that is a far more accurate description which doesn't leave anyone open to prosecution for misrepresentation. After all, what in life is 100% safe? Fortunately safer sex comes very close to it.

Safer sex involves the correct use of a condom during sexual intercourse, and in those engaging in sex having an awareness of how the virus is spread so they may avoid or cater for the riskiest practises. Once learned, it is simplicity itself - and one day it could save YOUR life. For make no mistake about it: AIDS is still a death sentence, not an inconvenience. The marvels of medical science may be able to prolong that sentence remarkably these days, but believe me: it is rarely life as you would wish to know it.

Today, with gay pubs and clubs everywhere, our gay communities don't exist in the same sense they did in the 80s when AIDS became a deathly reality to us. Then, in a far less commercial time, whole groups of us could be found sitting around in people's houses practising how to open up a condom packet (DON'T use your teeth!) and correctly fit a condom on a candle - and very often after a few drinks on to the real thing! At frequently hilarious nights we practised this until we could all do it second nature - even when blind drunk - and that undoubtedly saved many of our lives, at the same time making a mockery of the predicted number of deaths by the turn of the century.

Before the 80s, the chances of meeting a condom being used in anal intercourse were pretty damn remote. Condoms were simply to prevent babies, and none of us seemed to be able to have them! Then, just like today, there were people who thought condoms would take all the "fun" out of having sex, and remove a lot of the "feeling" associated with the act. Well, actually they don't.

Many of us were pleased to discover we could have a lot more fun, and for a whole lot longer, by using condoms. No more was it the grope, a little bit of oral if you were lucky, all quickly followed by a: "Wham! Bam! Thank-you, man!" before an annoying cock scrub in a bathroom was called for - not always available! - should you want to continue (a bit more oral?) or go on to find another partner. Correctly using condoms allowed us to cleanly have fun all night, get around and have sex a great deal more, and nobody walking home afterwards was ever at risk of that once messy nightmare commonly known as a: "follow through". Anyone who has had their arse pumped all night long without condoms and not made it all the way home without leaking will know exactly what is meant here!

We soon found out safer sex was much more fun, and there were many benefits to it too. Yes, it was certainly different, but then no less pleasing, and now not only were we protected from the HIV / AIDS virus, we found that fewer of us were going down with "the clap" - the loose term for any sexually transmitted disease - necessitating a visit to our special clinics where, with the treatment, usually a period of abstinence was involved - sometimes from both sex and alcohol.

Along with all the freedom safer sex now gave us, we started to learn many more ways in which to please each other - after all, even the fittest of us has to take a rest occasionally to recharge. We began to explore frottage (masturbation by rubbing against another) and onanism (manual stimulation of the genital organs - yours or another's), and all kinds of strange toys now began appearing on the scene and in people's bedrooms to tease and satisfy. Suddenly gay sex had become a million times better and much more fun, its scope bound only by the limits of our imaginations.

It is not the purpose of this article to teach you the mechanics of safer sex, or how to correctly fit a condom - you can find out all about that here: under "preventing hiv", or at countless other websites. No, this article is simply to assure you that safer sex is not only responsible behaviour, done properly it really and truly is much more fun. And I know, for I was putting it around long before we invented it - so don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Once it has been conquered and become a routine part of your life, you will never again have to wonder: did I get away with it last night? Or panic whenever someone you've been with suddenly disappears off the scene, or is rumoured to be ill.

Today few of those gay social groups still exist where safer sex could be learned in a series of memorable nights, but don't let that deter you. You can still learn how to do it correctly on your own, all the info is out there on the internet, or you can have unforgettable fun with a few close friends or your lover(s) as you learn together. It is worth that little bit of effort on your part to make sure you are doing it right. Remember: that condom won't protect you or your partner if you are using it incorrectly, or falling down on some of the other important issues. Get it right.

Learned and practiced correctly, you are likely to carry on having fun with safer sex throughout a very long and healthy lifetime. The odds are heavily stacked in your favour. The alternative might be to one day find you are lying in abject pain prematurely dying in some hospice bed whilst knowing your mates were at that very moment likely to be screaming their tits off on a dance floor somewhere, or sniffing their poppers and screwing away with some gorgeous chicken in an ecstatic euphoria. Of those two vastly different scenarios, I know which one sounds more like fun to me. It also sounded more like fun to someone I shall call Adrian here, a dearly missed close friend, who told me so about an hour before he died, still holding my hand.

I have many memories of Adrian, he was a loyal mate for years, but indelibly etched are just two special ones. The first, not long after I met this young Adonis, is the day we spent in Bournemouth. We went swimming and nude sunbathing in nearby Studland Bay, and had mind-blowing sex in the little dunes behind the beach. It was the only time we had sex with each other, so it can never be forgotten. The other memory is of that darkened room which had such an unsavoury smell to it in the hospice several years later where, now little more than a bag of bones, he tried to joke as painfully we spent his final hours together.

Many of his friends WERE at the disco that night, less than half-a-mile away, as I had the announcement made. They were all expecting the news at anytime, of course, but nonetheless were shocked to hear it. Maybe, just maybe, there weren't so many gorgeous chickens shagged in an ecstatic euphoria that night. Safely or unsafely.

The choice of whether or not to learn all about safer sex - and to ALWAYS insist on having it! - is yours and yours alone. Just be sure you make the right decision for you, not forgetting that whatever you do decide may have an effect on someone else's life too. There will be many people out there who will love you, and who would miss you should anything untoward happen to you, probably many more than you might at first believe. Attending twenty-two AIDS funerals has taught me that, so - do I know you? Because I don't want to do twenty-three. I just want fun.

Slogans: Bare-backing feeds furnaces. People with a brain keep it in a condom. A condom in him is a part meant.

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Article by Michael Knell. - A gay man, an author and columnist, and "out" to all for most of his lifetime. More info: and

Women Loving Sex No Longer Shameful by Jason Keesey

We live in a world today where information about anything is readily available to us, expecially information about sex. With the saturation online of porn sites, sex shops and other sex-related avenues at our fingertips, the world is evolving into a more knowledgable and empowered sexual society. Thirty years ago, it would have been seen as shameful, especially for a woman, if she openly admitted she loves sex. Although, that could be said today as well, it is rapidly changing and it is not as looked down upon as it once was.

Sex is a great way to feel empowered and there is no shame in loving it. The same could be said about sex shops online or at physical locations. Thirty years ago, a woman would never be seen in these types of stores, but now women are frequently seen in sex shops all across the country. In addition, women now make up half the customers for online adult stores. Due to the discrete nature of online sex shops, women can order whatever they like in the privacy of their own homes. Thus, allowing women to feel more empowered to make decisions especially when it comes to sex.

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Jason Keeey is a Webmaster and Expert on Adult Novelties. He has been researching the benefits of adult novelties for the past 7 years and owns an adult novelties and DVD webstore to further enhance the sex lives of individuals and relationships.